Amidst the rapid rhythm of modern life, many Malaysians, like other Asian people, resort to yoga in order to enjoy some relaxing times and meditation away from the stresses of daily life.
And spread in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur many centers for this sport, as well as lovers of both sexes, and from all age groups, to public parks for collective and individual exercise.

Exercise in public parks
And fans of this sport in Malaysia are calling for exercise classes in public parks through social media, and one expert volunteers every time to train people and supervise the exercise in order to contribute to spreading it and preserving its traditions, and choosing the place is one of the most important requirements of this sport.

The benefits of mediation music on for all that is living on this earth.

As for those who prefer practicing in private centers, they are obliged to pay an amount of 500 to 1000 dollars for each training course, depending on their type, and the number of hours may extend to forty.

Legacy and Spread Yoga
The history of this sport back to the ancient Hindu culture about 5,000 years ago, and yoga is at its origin a Sanskrit word that means uniting and amalgamation between the soul of man and God (the supreme self), in order to control the mind and thinking through performing spiritual and physical rituals that help get rid of impurities and free the soul from Her lusts.

And spread yoga in the countries of the world in the early twentieth century through the expert – or as she calls the yogi – Andra Devi, a Russian who lived in the beginning of her life in India, and trained at the hands of the most famous teachers of this sport, then moved to China, the United States and other countries, and contributed To open centers for this sport, which has an estimated number of 300 million practitioners in the world.