Yoga, Body, Soul Exercise in public parks

Exercise classes in natural habitat and experts volunteers every time to train people and supervise the exercise in order to contribute to spreading it and preserving its traditions, and choosing the place is one of the most important requirements of this sport.

Body, soul and treatment
Yoga depends on two basic pillars, the first relates to the body, and the other to the soul. On the physical side, yoga depends on the spine and muscles. The first contains the spinal cord that controls blood flow in the body and glands and strengthens immunity, while the muscles and ligaments control the body’s elasticity and strength, while what Relates to the soul, it aims at mental relaxation and self-reassurance.

According to experts and practitioners of this sport, yoga increases the efficiency of the body’s systems, reduces blood pressure diseases and arteriosclerosis to prevent thrombosis, and also helps diabetics.
It contributes to getting rid of backache, joints and muscles, and preserving the body’s flexibility, balance and strength, and giving it a beautiful and graceful shape.
From a psychological point of view, yoga helps to relieve stress, help depressed patients and improve the quality of sleep and relaxation, as well as enhance self-confidence, and is sometimes used to treat addiction and some mental problems.

Multiple schools
According to the honorable Yoga expert, Malaysians are keen on practicing yoga as a sport based on physical conditions, exercises of restraint, relaxation and meditation, away from any religious or belief concept, given the existence of reservations about this sport from a religious point of view.

Sharif notes in his interview with Al-Jazeera Net that this sport has a variety of schools, varying between easy and difficult, in which “Hatha Yoga” is considered the ideal sport for beginners, and it is the most prevalent in the world because it depends on slow positions in parallel with breathing control and does not need high flexibility.

The eight yoga arms
Al-Rashid Al-Sharif explained that “ishtanga” is considered the most difficult type of yoga, and it is the owners of high experiences in this sport, including what helps athletes to accelerate the pulse, such as “Pheneasa” and “Poor Yoga”, and there are other types and other schools such as “Bikram” and “Kundalini” And others.

And he explained that the experts of this sport in Malaysia are seeking to spread it and volunteer for training, because whoever exercises it must be reflected in his behavior and morals, so the eight most important things that the eight arms of yoga urge him to call for are the values ​​of contentment, contentment, inner peace, non-resort to violence and bearing difficulties.