Using Precision Medicine to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s

Using Precision Medicine to Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s


Are you able to give examples of widespread therapies and way of life modifications which are a part of your protocol?

It’s mainly weight-reduction plan, train, sleep, coping with stress, mind coaching, some focused supplementation, cleansing if wanted, and medication which are acceptable. I’m not in opposition to medication—I prescribed them for years and years as a neurologist—however what’s attention-grabbing is that the medication work a lot better when they’re used as a part of an optimum protocol. Bioidentical hormone substitute is one thing that may be fairly useful.

We use a plant-rich mildly ketogenic weight-reduction plan. Ketosis has been probably the most highly effective instruments to use in opposition to cognitive decline, as a result of ketone our bodies present the mind with an alternate gas to glucose. Ten years earlier than a analysis of Alzheimer’s, PET scans present that individuals have low glucose utilization within the temporal and parietal lobes of the mind. That’s the signature of Alzheimer’s illness.

Twelve to sixteen hours of fasting will be useful. Common train with each cardio and energy coaching will assist enhance ketosis, insulin sensitivity, blood oxygenation, and blood circulate to the mind.

There’s proof that your blood oxygenation at evening correlates with the dimensions of components of your mind. If you happen to’re sleeping at evening with an oxygenation of 88 or 90 p.c as a substitute of 98 p.c, you might have a smaller mind. You need to get oxygen ranges to optimum by coping with sleep apnea and circulation. There are methods to test your oxygen stage at evening. One system we advocate is the Beddr SleepTuner, and there are additionally the Apple Watch and the Fitbit.

For mind coaching, we advocate Brain HQ as a result of there are information printed on it.

After which dietary supplements. Dietary supplements have gotten a horrible title as a result of some corporations make ridiculous claims. We’re saying dietary supplements are among the many issues you are able to do to optimize your biochemistry. For instance, if you happen to’ve received low magnesium, which many people with Alzheimer’s do, then you may take magnesium threonate.


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