Exercise can be practiced at home without the need for large areas

Be Motivated and Active from Home

In light of the epidemic and the stone imposed on all of us, one of our most important friends and people these days is the refrigerator. You can find us eating breakfast twice and lunch three times, in addition to the crunches that we enjoy throughout the day, all of this pouring into our bodies in the form of sagging and overweight without feeling, and most of you are now thinking about how his body will look after this period! So, my friends, why don’t we add a few more exercises to our list of friends as well?
You may can’t prevent yourself from eating food to pass the time. Still, you can bind yourself to half an hour a day of exercise, which if it does not help you lose weight, it will surely help you tighten flabs and maintain the consistency of the body, in addition to its many health functions whether to renew blood circulation or prevent from Heart diseases and others.

With simple steps, you can enter exercise into your daily routine:
So, follow this article with me to get to know several types of useful exercises that you can perform in your home, and you do not need equipment. You also don’t need as ample a club space to do this, just dedicate a small room to your house and start.

Cardio exercises:
Cardio exercises include a set of comprehensive exercises and sports movements that focus on several areas of the body, whether the lower part consists of the legs and buttocks to the upper part of the shoulders and forearms and, most importantly, the exercise of the heart muscle. Cardio includes running, swimming, volleyball, foot, tennis, and many more, but here we will focus on a group that you can perform at home in your room. You can take several breaks between cardio exercises.

The exercises that we will mention now, you have to do 3-5 times in a row, that is, you start with the first exercise for a minute and then the second and then the third and so forth, and when you finish the last you have completed a full cycle, rest for a minute and then repeat the session and so until you complete 3 or 5 times. You can divide a single exercise minute according to your body’s endurance into:

30 seconds workout and 30 seconds break
Forty seconds workout and 20 breaks.
Fifty workout seconds and 10 breaks.

Duck Walk:
Back and forth, as you squat down like your knees, bend your forearms in front of you and start walking, then stop and put the ball back but back.

Runner’s Lunge to Balance:
And bend one of your legs in a right angle in front of you, and extend the other leg back for several seconds, then turn it again (executed on both sides).

Mountain Climber:
As if you are climbing a mountain, it depends on raising your body with your forearms so that you place your hands directly below your shoulders, and you start running, move your legs alternately forward and backward.

You will raise your body with both forearms so that your hands are also under your shoulders, then fold your legs inwards and back and lift them again straight up, and so on, work on both sides.

Toe Touch Crunch-Alternating:
Lie on your back and start lifting your right leg so that it forms a right angle with your body and touch the tips of its fingers with both hands (your hands should remain straight), repeat the ball with your left leg, and so on.

Side Plank Twist:
Lie on one side of your side, then raise your body through your arm (elbow), put your other hand behind your neck and then start moving your arm like a butterfly, as in the video:

Squat Pulse:
Depends on taking a squatting position, tightening the butt and buttocks to the back, and moving up and down only a few centimeters, i.e., continue to squat without standing up straight, with your armes extended in front of you as in the video

Tuck-up exercise:
Depends on fully bending your body, lie on your back, then bend your knees toward your stomach and upper torso (chest area) toward your knees, and try to clip your hands behind your knees each time to get the most benefit.

Body Saw exercise:
You will lie on your stomach, lift your body with your toes and bend your forearms beneath you, then back and forth as if you were a manual saw. Watch the video to understand more.

Try high-intensity HIIT exercises for 20 minutes.
The HIIT exercise list includes quick gestures for a short period, the aim of which is to get you to work quickly and sweat, and on the other hand, you will not get bored. Frankly, these exercises are specifically for those who suffer from joint pain, as the movements followed are light and gentle on their joints, which makes them suitable for their bodies, as these exercises follow a method called Tabata, which requires each practice for four consecutive minutes before moving to the next, and those four minutes are divided into the 20-second workout and 10-second break between each workout,
These exercises focus on a group of muscles and make your body move in all levels of movement, meaning you will get full use of your authority. Here is a list of the best ones:

Side Kick-Through:
Lie on your stomach, then lift your body with your forearm and keep your hands against your shoulders, then start kicking aside so that you rest on your right forearm, kick with your left foot and raise your left forearm so that you can kick, apply on both sides.

Skater Hop:
Movement depends on the way the body when skiing.

Crab Toe Touch:
He has a lot of his name; here your body position will be like the position of the crab body, I will help you and your legs under you at first, then base on your left forearm and your right leg and try to touch your left toes with your right hand.

Frogger exercise:
Well, dear, try the feeling of a frog jogging, hold your forearms in front of you and under your shoulders, start jumping and move your legs forward and backward.