Avoid These 11 Foods that Cause Anxiety


Fruit juice

Lots of the fruit juices that you purchase within the grocery store are 10 p.c fruit and 90 p.c sugar, factors out Escobar. Issues aren’t a lot better even in the event you squeeze the juice your self, she says. Give it some thought: if you eat a chunk of fruit, let’s say an orange, you solely eat one or two at a time. Not solely does it have much less sugar than juice, nevertheless it’s additionally full of fiber, which is digested extra slowly, retains your blood sugar steady, and makes you’re feeling full longer. If you happen to make fresh-squeezed juice, you’re going to wish, simply, 5 or 6 oranges. That’s just about all sugar and no fiber, setting you up for a spike in blood sugar and the jitters.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that youngsters beneath one yr don’t get fruit juice in any respect; that youngsters aged one to a few have not more than three ounces a day; youngsters 4 by way of six not more than 4 to 6 ounces every day; and a most of eight ounces for youngsters seven years and older. Dried fruit, with such concentrated sugar, poses a lot the identical drawback.


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