16 Anxiety Quotes that May Help You Cope a Little Better


The best way to deal with nervousness like a professional

Whether or not you’re taking up needlepoint, yoga or meditation, the hot button is to search out what works—and what doesn’t—for you and your nervousness, says Jonathan Huppert, PhD, professor on the nervousness lab and chair of scientific psychology at The Hebrew College of Jerusalem.

“A lot of folks advocate it however I personally don’t like doing formal mindfulness. It doesn’t communicate to me once I’m anxious,” he says. “As a substitute, I choose biking in nature and specializing in my household and work.”

One factor that might be useful is discovering a method to join with others experiencing comparable struggles with nervousness, he says. Try these nervousness quotes from well-known authors, actors, comedians, and musicians, and you might discover some that resonate with you.


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