1 Hour Soothing Calming ► Sound Theraphy

Have a good sleep for more productive and creative

Benefits of Soud Therapy

►Sleep benefits
Balance and Energy Brain Waves music and images in this video are structured and created with Golden Ratio balanced elements, to reduce stress and to stimulate your concentration. The way the Theta frequency foundation is structured, is by gently balancing the 150 hz -156hz frequency of the original music and using the overtones from the root wave of the main frequency, to produce the Theta (4 – 8 Hz)

►To explain this more adequate in terms of forensic audio, is quite complicated, and is best illustrated by a short animation, which we will do if there are requests for this.

►This state is associated with imagining and dreaming during sleep as well as imagining and daydreaming during the day. Our memories and things we learn are stored and retrieved from our subconscious mind in this state. Our relaxing music can be used as background music, meditation music, relaxation music, healing music, peaceful music and sleep music. Our music for sleeping is the best music for stress relief, to reduce insomnia, and encourage dreaming. Brain Waves and soft instrumental music to help you achieve deep relaxation, and fall asleep.

►Weight maintenance
Relaxation, Meditation and Destress with Music Our relaxing music is perfectly created for purifying meditation, Zen meditation, Mindfulness meditation and Eckhart Tolle meditation. This music is influenced by some renowned musician. Some benefits include cleansing the Chakra, opening the Third Eye and increasing Transcendental meditation skills. Healing Meditation can be practised using this music for best results.

Reducing pain
Calming Music and Stress Relief Music Calming Music and Stress Relief Music is about relaxing music and oriental meditation. The best way to experience relaxing music is to let it flow as if treated like a massage into the body. Relaxing music and specially calming music through elements of harmony can be of great healing influences on the body and soul. It is therefore to take the time to enjoy relaxing music and stress relief moments to treat your body with new energy and a stress relief moment of the day with meditation music. Listening to our music will give you a positive energy and can be both relaxing to you. This video has beencreated to be able to relax your mind and body and is suitable for evryone who need slow, beautiful, soft, soothing music to assist them to fall asleep.

► Brain’s neurons continuously fire electrical impulses to communicate with one another in pulses or wavelike patterns. Scientists have measured these impulses to come up Let the calming, subtle sounds take you to a higher state of consciousness and allow you to give and receive powerful Reiki vibrations. World music YouTube channel for ambient Relax Music, Music for meditation Relaxation, Sleep Music, Mindful Music, Meditation Music, Spa Music, Lounge and Chillout scenery music! World Music Channel: Healing music, Swiss Spa Relax Music, Zen music, New Age music, Peaceful music meditation music, meditation music for sleep, relaxing music, calming music, sleep music, soft music, calming music, healing music, soothing relaxation, flute music, flute music for meditation, relax music, romantic music, spa relaxation, zen meditation music, background meditation music, background music , background music, reiki, instrumental music for musician, music for harmony, yoga music, Fengshui music, spiritual healing music, sonic sounds, ambient feel good music, relax music for every day, chillout, lounge, slow tempo music, piano music, soothing music, anti-stress music, Relaxation music, home meditation, balance massage, yoga music, sensual music, calmness music, sound therapy, music before sleeping, deep chillout music, friendly music, down tempo music, easy listening sound therapy, music to Sleep, relaxing dinner evening music, balance your energy music, Vita balance background for meditation.

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