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Just one thing employees need to be healthy

Two Paris business professors proposed a radical theory to improve health at work, and say that instead of pumping more money for up to...

Yoga legacy and Spread Yoga, contentment and inner peace

Amidst the rapid rhythm of modern life, many Malaysians, like other Asian people, resort to yoga in order to enjoy some relaxing times and...


Yoga, Body, Soul Exercise in public parks

Body, soul and treatment Yoga depends on two basic pillars, the first relates to the body, and the other to the soul. On the physical...

What Is an Emotional Detox? 14 Steps to Feeling Better

Cleanse your thoughtsAre you ever so overwhelmed by your ideas or duties that you just really feel caught in quicksand? Or, so emotionally...

How to Live to 100: Simple Rules to Follow

Lower down on processed mealsWhenever you’re hoping to stay to 100, you want to eat properly. And which means focusing your weight-reduction plan...

How I Changed My Mindset to Find Happiness

Courtesy Erika TypeWhereas there isn't a one definition of happiness, specialists usually take into account it to be a way of contentment and...

Is Covid-19 Giving You Agoraphobia?

Being out in crowds and leaving the protected house of your own home could also be triggering your anxiousness. This is why Covid-19...

Depression vs. Anxiousness: How to Tell the Difference

Anxiousness equals fixed fearThough they’re comparable, nervousness is marked by practically endless fear, in contrast to despair. “After I see somebody in remedy,...

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Physical Therapy to Keep You at Play

For individuals with power ache or medical situations, taking part in sports activities and different actions could also be out of the query,...

5 Tips for Sun Safety